If you are wondering what to do with your old vehicle then a simple and noble option to get rid of your vehicle is to donate your old vehicle to charity. There are a number of non-profit organizations in California which accept such vehicle donations. Cars, Trucks, SUVs, boats, bicycle etc. are most common vehicles that are accepted by charities. The charity further can use the vehicle for their transport purposes or it can raise funds by selling the vehicle. About 100% tax deduction is a benefit the donor gets if the organization is IRS-approved 501(c) (3).

Following are some of the non-profit organizations which can be considered for donating a vehicle in California:

AchieveKids: AchieveKids is a non-profit organization which supports children with emotional disabilities such as mental retardation, psychotic disorders, autistic spectrum disorder etc. The organization serves children between the ages of 5 to 22 in Bay Area. AchieveKids has been offering acceptance to such children since the past 55 years. It helps students to build their self-esteem. To support the organization, one way is to donate your car via donateforcharity.com.



3860 Middlefield Road

Palo Alto, CA 94303

Main: 650.494.1200

Fax: 650.494.1243


1212 McGinness Avenue

San Jose, CA 95127

Main: 408.928.5777

Fax: 408.928.1758

Vehicle Donation Program California 2

AmeriCares: It is a non-profit organization aimed to promote global health and provide disaster relief all over United States and to the world. Founded in the year 1982, the organization has been delivering medicines and other types of medical supplies to help people in need. Till now, the organization has provided aid worth more than $11 billion across 164 countries. AmeriCares has been providing $2,000 of aid for every $100 donated to the organization. In its Vehicle Donation Program, AmeriCares accepts all types of vehicles from car, truck, boat, motorcycle to motorhome as donation.

You can call at:

855-970-4483 or 855-970-GIVE

AmeriCares will arrange to tow your vehicle and give you a tax deductible receipt.

Goodwill Southern California: The mission statement of Goodwill Southern California is to “Transform Lives Through the Power of Work”. Established in 1916, the organization helps disabled and disadvantaged people and businesses. Goodwill Southern California provides education and training. Further the organization also provides work experience and job placement services.

The organization sells the donated vehicle by auctioning it. After the vehicle is sold, the donor gets a receipt for it. If you consider this organization for donating your vehicle, a free vehicle pick up will be arranged by the organization. It qualifies for IRS tax deduction. Above all, your donation will help thousands of disabled people.

Under its Vehicle Donation Program, any vehicle (whether running or not) can be donated by calling 800.898.8285


Goodwill Southern California

342 San Fernando Road

Los Angeles, CA 90031


8120 Palm Lane

San Bernardino, CA 92402


14565 Lanark St.

Panorama City, CA 91402


Vehicle Donation Program California 3

AIDS Research Alliance: Established in 1989 by Dr. Paul Rothman to work on medication for AIDS, the organization has been researching to develop cure for AIDS to provide better treatment for people suffering from this fatal disease. The AIDS Research Alliance also works to prevent new infections. The vision of the organization is to completely eradicate HIV and its adverse impact on health. The organization is working on the development of a drug called “prostatin”. This drug forces the HIV to reveal itself. The drug will also stop the virus from infecting other cells so that the body’s immune system is able to do away with the virus.

You can turn your car, boat or motorcycle to become a donation for HIV cure research. No matter if your vehicle is new, old, working or not working, the organization accepts it as donation and give you tax benefits. A free pick up is arranged by the organization.

Vehicle Donation Program California 4

To make a vehicle donation, email at cardonation@aidsresearch.org or call at 310.358.2423.


AIDS Research Alliance of America

1400 South Grand Avenue, Suite 701

[Clinic in Suite 705]

Los Angeles, CA 90015-3011

Main Office: 310-358-2423

Clinic: 310-358-2429

FAX: 310-358-2431