People have begun to use online communities to find friends and like minded individuals with whom they hang out with. The best thing about sites such as is that you can get friends from almost all corners of the world. There are millions of users registered at and you will be surprised to learn that many of them are quietly making tons of money using myspace.

How My Space Can Make You earn money

Although, myspace does not permit people to market or promote products, many millions of people are quietly doing just that at myspace and earning great returns on their investments. They register and create a unique myspace page and set about sending out friend requests to other members. When their request is accepted, they develop the contacts with people who may be interested in a product or service they sell. They get a list of people who may be interested in that particular product, by searching the various groups or creating a group based on what they market. They establish themselves as experts in their fields and soon have no trouble selling via myspace.

Some people make money-using myspace by selling videos that can range from professionally made films to home videos, on a broad range of subjects. They upload the videos to myspace and make money by syndicating these videos to myspace, Youtube, Google etc. They get paid by viewers who wish to watch their videos. They have to give a description of the videos, give those appropriate tags and soon they will be making money, each time visitors pay and watch their videos on any of the sites.

Some people use myspace to become promoters of rock bands and as the rock bands usually have huge fan followings, they will not find it hard to get friends once they have created a profile in the bands name. They will get paid by the band for promoting them and giving them lists of people who live in any particular geographical area and who are the band’s fans. The bands welcome such promoters, as they are indeed very case clicker hack cost effective ways of promoting their band.

Some others have a thriving business selling myspace accounts that has several thousand friends. They keep creating myspace this website profiles, adding friends that may belong to a particular category such as video game lovers and sell the visit our website account to a video game developer/creator. In such a fashion, they make money-using website such as

Some people use affiliate marketing on their myspace profiles and end up making quiet a profit. There are many millions of users at myspace from almost every corner of the world, making it an ideal platform to use your ideas and start making profits.