We live in the fastest era that human species have ever lived. The world is moving so fast that it’s hard to find time for oneself. We live life in fast track, thinking less about past and future, and carrying on with whatever presented on our hands. Living healthy has somehow become task for us, so we have to make conscious effort to do so. We have to do so until it becomes as natural as breathing.

There are days that keep going on and on, when we work overtime, we consume caffeine more than necessary and we rely on the food which is more harmful than our body can bear. In these conditions only our good habits can save us. Let’s know what these habits are.

Rules to live by to stay healthy

Start your morning with just 20 minutes of walk. Wake up, have a warm glass of water and just do it. It’s just 20 minutes so you can beat your lazy attitude towards waking up early and doing lots of cardio. It will get you in your best spirit.

Instead of coffee you should try green tea in the morning. This habit is healthy and it also gives you enough dose of caffeine. It cleans your body; green tea is a fat burner and improves physical performance. It also keeps you away from many types of diseases including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer etc.

cyclying to work

Now, when you go to your office, use public transport twice in a week and once in a week use cycle. It’s not that hard, it’s just the matter of habit, in few weeks you can get used to it. Do it in a way that you enjoy it. Public transport is always good. You observe lot of people and you can have lots of creative ideas. Cycling is one of the best exercises for your heart and a great stamina booster.

This is the French way to get fit. Whenever you get a chance to use stairs use it, ditch the elevator and always use stairs. This is the best way to keep your body in shape. Start with using stairs while coming down; walking down from the eleventh floor is also a good workout.

Sitting is bad for you. You invite many diseases by just doing so. It decreases your blood flow. Researchers have found that sitting for hours is as harmful as smoking. Sitting is the new smoking. In your office hours, avoid sitting for long hours. Every half an hour stand up, do a little stretching, walk few steps here and there and if possible spend one hour standing while you work.


Healthy living


Never skip breakfast. It gets you ready for the entire day and your body depends on it. In lunch, don’t eat full dish. Keep it simple and little. In the evening time have some fruits with your coffee or better with your green tea. Dinner is also as important as breakfast. Avoid eating too much of anything. The less you eat, the healthier you sleep. In your overall food intake 70% portion should be of fruits and vegetables, 20% should be grains and 10% of dairy products.

You can still live healthy even if you don’t have time to workout. Simple habits like these can make your life much better. After all, our choices make us who we are, so chose wisely and choose better.