Protect Your Affiliate Marketing Sales with Link Cloaking

Affiliate marketers work hard learning the ins and outs of the business. Building websites, generating backlinks, writing articles and so much more. Link cloaking software is another essential part of affiliate marketing for many reasons. But one of the most important reasons is to protect hard earned affiliate commissions.
There have been many affiliate marketers that have done everything right, but are not able to figure out why they are not making any commission.
It is entirely possible that their affiliate commissions are getting stolen right out from under them and they don’t even realize it.
Link cloaking software is just the thing affiliate marketers need to protect them from having their affiliate links hijacked. Link cloaking software keeps thieves from replacing your affiliate links with their own.
Link cloaking software allows you to use what is called a “redirect” on your website that disguises your affiliate links. Your affiliate links will be protected against anyone who would still money right out of your hard working hands. It protects your affiliate ID all they way to the affiliate site, so that you get the commission without risk of anyone being able to take it away from you.
Link cloaking software has many other benefits besides protecting your affiliate commissions. You can utilize the software to shorten up ugly affiliate links.
Often times affiliate links are long enough to wrap around several lines on a page. This is not just unattractive but concerning for the people clicking on these cryptic looking links.
Another benefit to link cloaking software is being able to track all your affiliate links. It is imperative that you know which of your affiliate links are converting and which ones are not.
This allows you to stream line your work. There is no point in continuing your work efforts on something that is not converting for you.
On the other hand, if you know which links are converting well, you can then turn your focus to these links and monetize them to their fullest potential.
Imagine being able to pinpoint which sites are sending you the most traffic, or which page on your website most of your visitors are landing on. You could then monetize this particular page to suit your visitors needs.
Link cloaking software also gives you full control of all your links. If you suddenly needed to change out your affiliate links because one particular affiliate program got discontinued, you would be able to swap out your affiliate links in a matter of minutes instead of trying to track down hundreds of them.
A good link cloaking software will give you an easy to read interface with nice looking graphics. Having an interface with nice looking graphics allows you to analyze the data at a glance.
You can still read all visit our website the data if you wish, but most people quickly get click here a good picture of what is going on with their links if they can do so visually.
There are several more benefits to using link cloaking software that I have not mentioned here, but I think you can see the potential of using this essential tool as a part of your online business.
Ryan King helps people to discover the benefits of using link cloaking software to your online business. As an experienced marketer with number of websites on the first page of Google, he would like to share his internet marketing journey.