What is Plasma?

Plasma is the largest component of blood present in human body. It covers about 55 percent of the blood content. Plasma plays a vital role. It is basically responsible to carry water, enzymes and salts all over the body. As we know every living cells requires energy to function properly. So the body needs a source or medium to form a carrier of the energy. Thus the living cells are supplied by nutrients, proteins and necessary hemoglobin. Not only that, the plasma also collects waste products from the cell and excretes it outside the body. The plasma is pale yellow in color similar to straws.

Plasma is the most crucial part of the body. It is required to heal many critical health issues. Hence it is now recommended to all the healthy people to donate blood plasma. The immunoglobulins, clotting agent, fibrinogen and protein albumin present in plasma are extremely important for any healthy body. Though it is the vital substance of blood, most of us ignore its importance.

Who and why they accept plasma donations?

Plasma donation is the most useful thing. It is a lifesaving fluid. Not all can donate plasma. Those who wants to donate plasma needs to go through series of screening before the start of the donation process. The screening mainly includes diagnosis of any transmissible disease or virus carriers like HIV and Hepatitis. The screening also includes hemoglobin and protein content of the body.  General eligibility is donor with age more than 18 years and more than 110 pounds in weight. Once the donor pass all criteria, the donation takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes for the whole process.

The best plasma category is the type AB plasma as it is universal. So it can be accepted by any human body irrespective of their blood group or plasma type. This type of plasma is found in only 4% of the worldwide population. So people with this type of plasma should make sure they donate them at some point of time in their life to safe somebody. Plasma transfusion is mostly required by blood cancer patient or burn and trauma patients. Unlike red blood cell donation (normal blood donation), plasma can be donated once in every month.

The plasma is collected from the donor by series of processes.

  • First blood is collected with a vein. The process is called plasmapheresis.
  • After the whole blood is drawn, the plasma is separated from the red blood corpuscles and cellular components present in the blood.
  • Once the plasma is separated successfully, the blood is returned back to the donor body through sterile saline.

The plasma of human blood contains approximately 500 types of protein. But from that 150 proteins are used to manufacture therapies for various disease.

The person donating plasma undergoes the platelets donation as well and are also eligible for regular double red blood cells and whole blood donation. Donation can cure a patient from a life threatening diseases.

The collected plasma undergoes manufacturing of the plasma protein therapies.

Is it safe to donate plasma?

Plasma donation like any whole blood donation is absolutely safe and free from any side effects. The only care that requires to be taken care of is the donation center should be IQPP certified as it has a controlled and sterilized equipment assisted by professional medical staffs. The plasma donation centers take care of the hygiene and make sure it is free from contamination from any kind of transmissible virus.

Start the initiation from today. You never know when your small consciousness safes a life. It is not harmful yet so beneficial so why not spent some time for that too.

The Plasma donation centers in USA are

  1. B Positive National Blood Services
  2. Bio-Blood Components INC
  3. ADMA BioCenters
  4. BioLife Plasma Services