A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization which is not a part of the government or other profit-making organization. It is a non-profit organization. NGOs are funded by generous donors which can be governments, foundations, private persons or businesses. Because someone’s old stuff can be someone else’s new gift, NGOs also accept old clothes, toys and other items and give them to the people in need.

Among many such NGOs spread worldwide, here is a list of few which accept old stuff as donation:

  1. The Salvation Army: The organization has many programs to serve mankind. Among them is their Adult Rehabilitation Centers. In these centers, The Salvation Army provides spiritual, emotional and social help for individuals who have lost hope and are not able to handle their problems and support themselves. These centers offer housing, work and therapy to each inhabitant individually. They offer a clean and healthy environment. After gaining confidence in themselves, individuals then reunite to their families and get back to leading a normal life. They re-enter the society and return to their employment.The goods that are donated to The Salvation Army are then sold through their Family stores. The fund raised from the sales of these goods are used to support their Adult Rehabilitation Centers.Therefore, every donation that you make towards this organization will change the life of an individual and his family.


  1. American Red Cross: The old clothes donated to this organization are given to victims of natural disasters e.g. the organization has helped the victims of Hurricane Katrina in Gulf Coast. The organization accepts clothing and shoes for men, women and children. Purses, toys and other accessories are also accepted.


  1. Aide- et- Action: It is an international development organization which was started in France and now its head – quarters are at Geneva. It works in around 26 countries. The major focus areas of this organization include providing quality education to children, women empowerment and HIV/AIDS awareness. The organization partners with SADS(Share At Dorr Step) which picks up donations in the form of clothes, unused notebooks, shoes, stuffed toys, household items etc. from donor’s home and then delivers to the NGO.


  1. A New Way of Life: This organization understands the plight of the women who leave prison and step into the society again. A New Way of Life helps women, who were formerly incarcerated, and their children to have a normal life after leaving the prison. Old stuff like lightly-used car seats, strollers, clean baby clothes and toys can be donated to this organization in Los Angeles.


  1. Mother Bear Project: Based at Minneapolis city, US, The Mother Bear Project aims to provide happiness, comfort and hope to children who are suffering from HIV/AIDS in developing nations. The project distributes love to these children in the form of hand-knitted or crocheted bear. This promotes the feeling of being loved in these children. The bears have a tag signed by the person who knits them. You can help Mother Bear Project by donating needed items such as packing tape, yarn, knitting needles which can be from your household also. Homemade knitted or crocheted bears can also be donated.


  1. Project Linus: Headquartered at Illinois, Project Linus donates about 350 blankets per month to children who are in need. Children in hospitals, shelters or in any social serving agency. Homemade blankets can be donated to the Project Linus. Material used in blanket making such as fabric can also be donated provided that the material is unused and does not contain any contaminants.


Though it is a wonderful initiative to donate cash or time to an NGO or a charitable service, there are a lot of NGOs which can be helped by donating old used/unused stuff. There are many more such NGOs apart from this list which strive to spread comfort and happiness to individuals.