The VUTEk GS3250 is a super-wide flatbed printer. It is a sophisticated, advanced addition to EFI’s family of publishing solutions. EFI VUTEk is the corporation that originally delineated the whole grand format reproduction category. They preserve their spot as market leaders in superwide, digital printing due to continual innovation and inventiveness. Investment in their products occurs with the assurance of the click more details fact that EFI has spent two decades as a company listed by NASDAQ.

This super-wide flatbed printer is a refined, highly developed extension of EFI’s array of publishing problem-solving. The EFI VUTEk Corporation originally demarcated the entire grand-format reproduction group of printers. They protect their situation as the market leaders for super-wide, digital printing as a result of persistent originality and ingenuity. Investments in their merchandise occur with the reassurance that comes from being aware that EFI have occupied a place on the NASDAQ list for two decades.

EFI’s commodities are accessible internationally; they have sales outlets in countries as far apart as India, Australia, Great Britain, America, China, Belgium, Singapore, Holland, America and Japan. Choose between pristine new or pre-owned machines. Second hand appliances come with factory backing included. Used equipment is first-rate and certified; delivery is direct from the company’s workshop.

Durability and reliability are united with creativity in the shape of the original ink-curing technology providing definitive image quality coupled with high adhesion. This up-to-the-minute class of grand classification printers tolerate printing on cardboard, corrugated and poly banner materials because it is not reliant on infra-red heat that would damage these substances. The LED lamps necessitate no time to warm-up, and continue throughout the printer’s life. Material overheads are reduced as the high levels of adhesion make possible the use Check our website of cheaper substrates including thinner styrene.

The latest offering from VUTEk boasts more rapid production speed, letting print firms meet the strict deadlines that can be critical in this trade. This fast processing gives a way in to the high-margin, next day order-to-delivery projects and permits high volume remits to be concluded more urgently than was previously possible. The multi-queue service runs numerous tasks simultaneously across vist here the wide bed of the printer. These are only some of the noteworthy benefits for increased profitability through improved capacity, and the lessening labor, set-up and waste costs.

The color range of the 3250 is second to none. EFI are a world-leading supplier of inkjet inks. Their high value inks work on numerous media in flawless, accurately matched shades. VUTEk have pioneered true grayscale technology in the GS 3250. White printing comes in six options, spot, underspot, overprint, underprint, fill and overspot.

Green recommendations are another pro for the GS 3250 lx. This version is a production level, environmentally friendly, UV-curing LED printer which includes fewer consumables and no VOCs. It boasts better energy efficiency, generates less waste, as well as being capable of printing on reclaimed material.

The VUTEk GS3250 is aimed at the click this website large-scale, high-output job shop, commercial and screen print business. Many options and upgrades are offered to suit almost any production requirements. Computerized material handling, stream-lined and optimized nonstop print processes produce photo-realistic quality posters, signage, banners, Point-of-Purchase displays, Fine Art and exhibition graphics. This improves the printers’ velocity and exactness to maximize productivity, capacity and profit.