We consider ourselves safe when we are at home. We think we are not consuming polluted air. But in reality, we are also vulnerable to the pollution inside our homes and offices. Indoor pollution is as harmful as vehicular pollution.

Today, our economical growth chart is rising and at the same time we are becoming aware of major issues like climate change. The impact of climate change is seen today in different parts of different continents. In India, because of the higher population, the level of the pollution is also increasing. Country has become serious about controlling the pollution, for example, odd-even rule in Delhi. But we have missed out one important factor affecting every one of us – indoor pollution.

Some people may think, is this indoor pollution is real? Yes, it is real and it is happening. The truth is most of the working class spend their hours inside. Housewives and children are too spending hours in their homes and schools. If we think practically, we are suffering more from indoor pollution than outdoor pollution.

Indoor Pollution

What are the causes of indoor pollution?

The first thing is inside our homes and offices; we often fail to keep away the mites and other polluting agents. Secondly, we use air condition for very long hours and to be inside closed air for a long time also causes indoor air pollution.
Cities with high level of pollution like New Delhi have more chances of having polluted air indoors.Burning garbage and other materials outside your house can also cause inside pollution. Another major factor of inside pollution is cleaning materials being used inside the house.


Research & Study

According to a research, we inhale more polluted air inside our house and office than we do outdoors. The fact is inside air can be more polluted and can be more harmful than the outside air. So, you are not safe inside your house as pollution can affect you there.

As working class we spend 80% time of our day inside. Thus awareness of indoor pollution is very important. Children are at higher risk of getting affected by indoor pollution as they spend so much time in school with other children and their immune system is not as strong as adults. A study found that almost 3 out of 10 children suffer from respiratory disorder of some kind.

Indoor Pollution

What should we do to control indoor pollution?
We believe that our houses are the safest place on the earth, but to make them actually safe we need to put efforts. Such as planting as many trees as possible outside our homes and keep the garden well maintained with joint efforts of housing societies or apartments. Even people have started using plants in their homes. Now it is not just an object of decoration but it keeps us healthy and decreases the indoor pollution.

Garbage should be disposed properly. Don’t keep the garbage in the premises for long, get rid of it as soon as possible. Recycling of organic waste is easy and doesn’t require much effort. Our household waste is recyclable. According to a study, more than 60% of the common household waste can be recycled. It is time that we start taking care of our indoor air and keep it clean.