How to beat the heat in this summer days

The summer is getting tougher, the mercury is rising day by day and it is important to take care of health in this summer. Most importantly children are at high risk of getting affected by the heat. The summer vacation is the one thing that children want to enjoy with their friends. During the day outside garden games and fun around the swimming pool are the favorite activities of the children. So, it is important to keep the children protected and so do the adults.

You are definitely going to make efforts to put as much enjoyment as you can on the hot days, such as hanging in the garden or the vacation on the beach, here are few tips to protect the entire family from the sun.

Sunscreen is important during Summer

It is very common advice but it is also an important one. Whenever children are playing outdoors, make sure they have applied the sunscreen on their body.

Even when it is cloudy outside, sun rays are still harmful to children. Sunscreen should be applied on all over the body including on the tops of ears, the back of the neck, the scalp, and feet. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen time to time, especially after your kids have been in the water.


Indoor Swimming pools

How to beat the heat in this summer days2
Use indoor swimming pool for fun. Outdoor water games can prove dangerous during the heat wave. If you are using paddling pool, make sure to put it in the shade. You can have fun for hours and can stay cool at the same time.


Protect your skin by covering up

When you are traveling during the day, wear full sleeves shirts or t-shirts. When you are at the beach or by the swimming pool make your children wear a swimsuit that covers their back, arms, and legs. You can also give them a hat which can protect their head and neck from the sun.


Stay in the shade during the middle of the day

When you go out for summer shopping, add a parasol or a UV shade to your list, which can give a good protection to your baby while they are sleeping in their buggy. A light sheet or muslin is also a good substitute. During the middle of the day spent your time indoors.


Drink plenty of water

How to beat the heat in this summer days3

To stay hydrated in the summer is very important for children and also for adults. Besides water, you can also consume fresh fruit juices and Lemmon water. Avoid drinking soda based cold drinks. It is important to look after that your children are getting enough fluids while playing outside. Lack of fluids in the body may lead to dehydration, vomiting, and diarrhea.


A cool bath to keep you cool in Summer

During the day, you give your body too much stress when you are working or traveling outside. So, at night, it is best to have a cool bath, which makes you calm and relaxed. A cool bath before sleep helps reducing body temperature. A nice cool bath is helpful for a better sleep. For the babies, it is important that they sleep in the room which has a comfortable temperature. Use a nursery thermometer to monitor the room temperature. The most suitable temperature of the room for babies is between 16°C and 20°C. One of the best ways of telling if a baby is too warm is to feel the back of his neck, tummy, or back underneath the clothing.