Addiction to your Smartphone can make you hyperactive

Here is one more reason to keep your Smartphone away when you really don’t have to use it. There have been many studies have done on the subject of the side effects of using Smartphone excessively and this one adds to the list.

According to a new study, using too much of Smartphone makes you hyperactive. If you are getting bored easily when you really need to focus on the important work or facing troubles in doing quite tasks and activities, then it may be the result of excessive use of Smartphone. These symptoms are associated with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The recent polls have displayed shocking results. It indicates that 95 percent of Smartphone users have used their phones during social functions. Seven out of ten people have used their phone during the work. And one of the most shocking that one out of ten people admitted that they have checked their phones during intimate moments with their partner.

Research on Smartphone and being Hyperactive

The lead researcher of the study, Kostadin Kushlev from the University of Virginia in the United States said that people are spending time on their Smartphones at least two hours a day.

She said, “We found the first experimental evidence that smartphone interruptions can cause greater inattention and hyperactivity – symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – even in people drawn from a nonclinical population.”

221 students from the common population of the students were selected to participate in the study. The students were from the University of British Columbia in Canada. Students were assigned for a week and asked to maximize their phone interruptions. They followed the guidance by keeping notification alerts on, and their phones within easy reach. During the time period of another week, students were asked to minimize phone interruptions by keeping alerts off and keeping the phone away from their reach.

At the end of each week, participants completed questionnaires evaluating distraction and hyperactivity.

The results were clear. The participants experienced noticeable higher level of inattention and hyperactivity when phone alerts and notifications were kept on.

Addiction to your Smartphone can make you hyperactive2

The results indicate that even people who have not been identified as a patient of ADHD may experience few symptoms of the disorder.

These symptoms included fidgeting, having trouble sitting still, difficulty doing quiet tasks, distraction, difficulty focusing and getting bored easily when trying to focus and activities, and restlessness.

Kushlev said, “Smartphones may contribute to these symptoms by serving as a quick and easy source of distraction.”

The good thing is that we can shut down the problem.

The research report was presented at the Association for Computing Machinery’s the human-computer interaction conference in San Jose, California.

This addiction can also make children cross-eyed

Another study said that too much use of Smartphone in children makes them cross-eyed. According to research in South Korea, youngsters who tend to spend hours looking at the screen of their smartphones could damage their eyes.

Addiction to your Smartphone can make you hyperactive3

So, keeping the phone away from distracting you is a good thing. In long term excessive use of smart phones can turn into the serious lifestyle-related diseases. If you find those symptoms in you or with your children or friends, then the habits need to be changed. Keep away your phone at home and use only when you need it. Keep checking the phone is a bad habit which doesn’t help you but make your mind hyperactive.