There is a famous saying by Mother Teresa “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” As per English dictionary charity is the act of helping the needy voluntarily. It can also be termed as donation for a noble cause. Donating in charity is immensely satisfying. The reasons are described below:

1. Self-respect: Helping the needy is a noble act. Not all persons have the habit of thinking about the poor. Donating at NGOs helps in increasing self-respect. There are times when people don’t get the opportunity to do anything for the needy, but if the chance comes they should utilize it most. But only donating can’t increase self worth, one needs to do it from core of his heart
2. Blessings: Donation to charity is one of the greatest blessings. It gives all the positive aspects in life. It is more satisfying than any luxury expense as a handful of help can make a poor get food or shelter. It also helps in making you earn respect. Charity is the best way to return the world something worth fruitful that we get so much from it. What we earn is a blessing but if we can get an opportunity to give some fraction of it for others’ well being is not harmful rather it is a blessing in return
3. Motivation factor: In life everyone needs motivation to go ahead through ups and downs. Charity is one of the great ways to boost positivity and mental strength. By donating in charity one can uplift their self esteem.  It also give the moral support to increase the act of helping others more and more.
4. Awarding smile: Making anyone happy is the most difficult task and refreshing as well. By donating in NGOs one can bring loads of smile to many faces. The smile of a poor is the precious gift that any person can get in his lifetime. So one must come forward to help the needy to feel the satisfaction.
5. Nourishes inner values: Charity helps to reflect the inner self of a person. It is proven that a person who loves to donate for others’ welfare are kind, noble and has a broad mind. It brings peace in mind. Sometimes it is observed that people going through hard phase in life comes to donate in NGOs to get satisfaction.
6. Spread Love: Every human has right to get love and care whether they are rich or poor. But in real, the poor are deprived of it. By charity one is able to spread love and affection to them. The fulfilling exercise can secure one life. Mostly the poor children needs tons of kindness and care for their livelihood so that they are not led to wrong direction due to poverty
7. Publicity: By charity one can acquire publicity and can increase their value in front of others as it is the noble act.
8. Chance to meet people from different fields: Charity helps a person to meet different people. They get to know of the real scenario of that corner of the world which don’t come in news (the poverty). One who donates has the idea that how miserable a poor life can be. Once anyone face the reality of the needy, they are bound to stretch their helping hand of their own
9. Benefits in tax: The donation in NGOs are not taxable and can give benefits during tax deduction. It is a reason of satisfaction that the money spent is worthy but that does not mean, you should only donate to get tax benefit
10. Emotional attachment: Through donation one gets emotionally attached to the people who need help. Moreover seeing someone get back their reason to live is immensely satisfying and cannot be expressed in words.
Thus, if every established person in the world by dedication spend fraction of their expense for the poor, it can save the life of all the poor and needy and make them eligible too for living a normal, secured life like us.